Following the Steps of Humbolt and Inca Road

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According to the Enciclopedia Humboldt came all the way from Bogotá watching carefully the Andes, in 1802. Onc3e in Quito, Capital of the Royalty of Quito, we was hosted by the family of Juan Pio Montufar, Marquis of Selva Alegre, togueter with his son Carlos Montufar, Humboldt made a few climbs to the Ecuadrian Andes. Among the picks we must menction Chimborazo, the highest snow pick in Ecuador, He also climbed Cayambe Volcano, Actually humbodlt covered almost all the entire Andes of now Ecuador. He travelled making measurements and collecting plants. German was very interested in the study of the Inca Ruins and infrastructure in Ecuador of those days…He Also climbed Pichincha ruling volcano in Quito, he climbed toghueter with young Montufar. His home base was the palace of the Marquis, he was welcome with local nobility and in Cotopaxi province he stayed at La Cienega home of the Marquis of Maenza. From where he studied the Volcano And the City of Latacunga.


Travel Program
Day 01
Personal airport pick up from Quito Aiport and Transfer to selected hotel in private car.

Day 02   The Churches of Quito  / Teleferico
We will visit the same churches that humboldt saw, Quito as heritage city was able to poreserve the original decoratins and richness of the Golden Ages of the Barroque

Day 03   Quito – Cayambe – Otavalo
Passing through the Equatorial line we will visit the village of Cayambe, palate biscuts and feel some of the rural Environment Humboldt saw, we continue until Otavalo for meeting the Otavaleños that live at the foot of their Gods… .

Day 04   Otavalo – Quilotoa
This day we re going to cross the Avenue of the Volcanoes from East to West to capture the Most beautiful landscapes in South America. The Canyon of the Toachi River and Quilotoa are world known as the most scenic loop in the Andes.

Day 05   Quilotoa  – la Cienega
At la Cienega we will get into the home enviroment that Humbodt had during his stay in Ecuador. The house remains untouched and is a charming hostel nowdays, if you BOOK on time you can get his same room !!!

Day 06   Cotopaxi National Park – Latacunga – Riobamba
In this second half of the Avenue of the Volcanoes and if weather permits, we can see the most interesting volcanoes of the Andes, one time all active.:

  • Vulkan Altar (ca. 5.758 m) the Most Beautiful volcano on earth
  • Carlhuairazo (ca. 5.200 m)
  • Vulcan Tunguarhua (ca. 5.200 m) the Active volcano at the moment
  • Vulkan Chimborazo (ca. 6.310 m) the highest point on earth-

Day 07   Chimborazo National Park and Riobamba city tour
We aim on climbing at least up to 5000 mts. (16400 feet) and visit the new shelters. We will learn here about the plants of the Paramo and the Animals of the Paramo.  This is a life zone that hold no agriculture and is about 3000 feet under snow level

We can have an optional „lunch at the house of Simon Bolivar“

Day 08   Colta, Zicalpa, Alausí, Ingapirca
Our exclusive visit to this unusual place where the firt spanish foundatikon of the city of Quito took place inh August 1534. Here was the house of Pedro Vicente Maldonado and probably the area where he visited.  City of Riobamba was destroyed by an earhquake in 1797

We will have the opportunity to see the „mountain of the Diluve“ an old archeological site buit to preserve knowledge during the Diluve.

Finally we will have a complete visito the Archeological complex of Ingapirca and specifically looking for the Intihuaico that marvelled humbodlt.

Day 09   Ingapirca / Cuenca city Tour
Cuenca is the Largest city in the south of Ecuador, it is also a heritage site, we will walk it´s streets see the plazas and churches that made it our second Uneco heritage site.

Day 10   Cuenca / Guayaquil
Today we drive to see how the Andes uplifted from the Pacific, passing on our way through Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve.  We might have the opportunity to vist a Cacao plantation and lean how to make artisan chocolate

Day 11   Transfer out (Maybe ) Galapagos Darwin?


Rates from US$ 2258
Half pension (American Breakfast and dinner )  lunch on your own..

We can travel in 3 ways Touris, first and luxury 5 stars

Tourist                 2             2*           3-5         6-9
Passengers       3110      3427      2887      2258

First Class          2             2*           3-5         6-9
Passengers       3316      3683      3101      2542

5 stars                  2             2*           3-5         6-9
passengers       3790      4172      3589      2592

Agenda: * it is possible to have a diver guide for two psengers
Normally we offer driver and guide.

All entrance tickets to visitor sites and half pension, breakfast and dinner
For lunch we will conveniently stop on a place we trust. We don{t mind if you just have a coffee

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