Our Chef

Ecuador our beloved country with the priviledge of being located in the middle of the world we have the blessing of having all type of crops all year long, our land is full or cereals, crops, and some type of fishes in the highlands like the trout.  In our lowlands, our coast we produce one of the best Cacaos in the world  “cacao de fino aroma” which is valued like a piece of gold specially in Europe  Our bananas also considered our green gold and our seas that produce many types of fishes, seafood with one of the biggest size shrimps.  Places where naturally grow crabs, and together with the help of our farmers we have most of these  products for exportation with very well know rewards worldwide. 

Our roses won year after year the quality price, we have organic roses cultivated so we can include them in some gourmet preparations.

As a founder of Flashtravel and always thinking in developing new options for the people who make us the honor to choose  Ecuador as their destination and in order to be able to attend our clients with the best quality service Alexandra Barragán have gotten the complete instruction of Chef and also from Weddings Beautiful Worldwide the Title of Wedding Specialist, with these plus all the previous preparation we are able to attend special meals for demanding clients.  To introduce something really special as part of our developing services we offer  indoor restaurant,  gourmet cooking clases, Incentive programs with unique gourmet meals, your dream wedding and of course organize also with preparation in Israel handle Kosher services in combination with the Orthodox Rabbi.

You are welcome to try our delicious selection of meals that our beautiful country and as being part of our dreams, you our client as our most important partner will receive with your visit a traditional box hand painted with a selection of deluxe gourmet chocolates

Thank you and we really appreciate for choosing us for your memorable vacation.

With warm regards,
Chef Alexandra Barragán