About us

Galapagosfirst.com is Ecuador – Galapagos destinations manager for affordable quality travels that will last in your memories forever. Company is operating successfully since 1997 and is the Team of Nature Lover naturalist guide Francisco Jarrín and experienced Chef Alexandra Barragán. We are on Trip Advisor http://www.tripadvisor.com.ar/members/ecuadoor Please ask us about our trips in this program http://trade.allyouneedisecuador.travel/en/ FlashTravel is oppening service for German Speaking clients. Alle unsere Reisean werden in deutscher Sprache angeboten.


About our trips in Ecuador

  • Myths and Legends
  • Archaeology – Inca and pre Inca (QHAPAQÑANPI PURIPASHUNCHIK CAMINATA POR EL QHAPAQÑAN) New UNESCO heritage site
  • Gastronomy
  • Weddings at unusual places….
  • Classic Tours… Devil´s nose train
  • Avenue of the Volcanoes – Quilotoa Loop
  • National Parks
  • Guayaquil – Manglares Churute and Single origin Artisan Chocolate farms

.     Machalilla National Park, an experience in the beach.

Galapagos Travels:

  • Our Expertise on land based trips with almost all Hotels in the islands
  • Yachts we recommend
  • Short Diving Trips

Historical Ecuador

  • Humboldt Route
  • Whymper Adventure
  • Darwin evolution tour
  • La Condamine Euro Tour
  • Stübel y Reiss German Tour
  • The American Family Latin Experience
  • Kosher Galapagos for real (small and medium size groups)

Create your own personal Tour:

  • Travel your way, we provide just experienced Driver and good car. You organize your meal, accommodations. from US$ 89 per person (based in 3Passengers) as for 2 pax special price
  • Quito Short tours, half and full day tours.. FREE When booking any one week or more land package with us.